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Split pattern system

Split type schlieren can be used as a general optical display instrument to observe the density and temperature distribution of the transparent medium and the refractive index changes in the medium.

Split type schlieren can be used as a general optical display instrument to observe the density and temperature distribution of the transparent medium and the refractive index changes in the medium. It can ingest the qualitative material of the airflow density change to be studied, in order to provide a real flow image of the test object. Such as scientific research fields such as stratified flow, supersonic flow, shock wave, heat and mass transfer, natural and forced, combustion, flame, explosion, plasma and some chemical reactions. It is one of the important experimental ingest equipments in the preliminary test of aerospace operations.

Main mirror

1.   Optical material of main reflector: K9 optical glass, stress2

2.   Machining surface shape error of the main mirror ≤λ/10

3. The   mechanical control structure of the main mirror: there are 2 degrees of   freedom in pitch rotation, and there is a locking device, the pitch angle ± 5   °

4. The   caliber of the main reflector is 100--800mm, the size is determined by the user according to actual   needs

5. The   caliber of 100 reflector is 1M. The caliber of 200 reflector is   2M. And so on

6.   Coating material of the main reflector: aluminized reflective film, and then   a layer of protective film

Note:   The caliber of main reflector 100--800mm refers to its effective clear aperture

Mechanical adjustment

The   center height of the schlieren can be determined according to the actual use   of the user. The lifting adjustment range is ±50mm, the   horizontal and front and rear direction adjustment range is ±25mm, the coarse adjustment step: 1mm/rev, the fine   adjustment step: 0.1mm /turn.   Adjusted in place, it can be locked and fixed. The bracket moves on the   ground by the roller. After the initial adjustment, it is locked with its own   locking device.

New   dual-channel receiving method

Striated   image interface: A multi-functional data acquisition interface is used, and   synchronous use, photography, and camera equipment receive the striated image   without affecting each other (the figure shows). It provides a better way for   image acquisition and a more convenient method for subsequent computer image   processing. The camera system uses a digital camera (the specific model is   determined by the customer through negotiation). The camera provides the   interface of a high-speed camera, and also provides the interface of the   ordinary industrial CCD camera. It also provides a connection with the user's   existing camera and camera equipment and the pattern projector Free service.

The   basic configuration of the interface: provide a standard interface according   to the camera or camera interface provided by the user, and have special   technical requirements (equipped with a camera or camera lens), which can be   equipped according to user requirements.

light source

1.   Special light source for halogen lamp: 300W/36V, continuous brightness   adjustment, plus bearing fan for cooling system.

2. New   LED special light source:

01.   The wavelength is: 630nm (red light 5W/7V).

02.   The wavelength is: 532nm (green light 5W/7V).

03.   Pure white LED light source with 5W/7V and other wavelengths. LED special   light source features: small size, no temperature rise, uniform light source   lighting, service life>10000 hours. The use of single-chip control of   brightness technology has completely changed the traditional lighting method.   (Note: The LED light source of the above wavelength is freely selected by the   customer)

04. If   users need special light sources, they can design, install and debug   according to the technical parameters provided by customers.

For   example: the laser light source uses a high-power red laser!

01,   wavelength 635nm 200mw, orange-red laser component input voltage 12V AC and   DC

02.   Working current <300MA

03,   with TTL modulation

04,   appearance 33*33*50MM+fan

Knife edge and slit

The   moving distance of the terminal blade along the vertical edge is ±10mm., the   opening width of the blade is 0-5mm, the parallelism of the blade is 0.01mm,   and the blade can rotate 360 degrees around the optical axis. Optical slit   width 0-3mm, slit width step size 0.01mm, parallelism 0.01mm. The stepping   control of the knife edge and slit adopts a micrometer to adjust the   mechanical structure, which ensures the movement of 0.01mm in step.

Electrical control

Individually   designed according to the requirements and technical parameters provided by   customers


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